Distribuciones Gallardo

Leader in furniture sales and distribution




About Us

Distribuciones Gallardo is a group of companies that is dedicated to the sale of furniture in general, upholstery, auxiliaries, kitchens and rest wholesale, currently being the leader in the sector with more than 5,000 references in stock and with consolidated sales of more than 60 million euros.

Our structure is based on a series of warehouses distributed throughout Spain and Portugal. We have a storage capacity of 60,000 m2 with more than 120,000 pallets.

For distribution we have more than 40 of our own trucks and 20 external ones that give us daily service in order to be able to deliver our products in the shortest times that exist in the market. We have a wide range of delivery and service options, from delivery to the end customer from our warehouses, pick up from our warehouses or even capillary distribution anywhere in Spain and Portugal. We have multiple tools that facilitate our relationship with our customers, from up-to-date information on our stocks, logistic data, images of our products, online order transfer, …

Our products are leaders in each of the segments where they are located, bedrooms, living rooms, upholstery, rest, furniture and kitchens for this we look for and manufacture our furniture both in national and international production, covering all international markets.

Our organisation has a computerised/logistic development that makes us a reference in the national market, all the processes of the company are automated and computerised in such a way that we can have a very low cost structure in order to be able to offer our products at a leading price in the market at all times.

Our Story

The origin of the Distribuciones Gallardo group comes from the hand of its founder Mr. Ricardo Gallardo Jimenez who in 1983 decided to form a group of warehouses distributed in different places of the national territory to give coverage to the incipient real estate market that was emerging in Spain with furniture always located in the first price segment and offering it to its clients at an unrivalled price.

Throughout its history, the Distribuciones Gallardo group has remained loyal to its philosophy and its commitment to the furniture distribution sector. This commitment translates into the reinvestment of all the resources generated in the activity itself, as well as the incorporation of new lines of financing, which have enabled the materialisation of large investments with the sole objective of improving the quality of the service provided, both to retail customers and manufacturers.

Our Warehouses

Distribuciones Gallardo is a group that covers totally independent companies dedicated to the wholesale of furniture, upholstery and rest. These warehouses, as wholesalers, attend to the needs of a large number of customers of different sizes and furniture chains.

Distribuciones Gallardo through its warehouses has established itself in recent years as the leading distribution group in the sector not only for its turnover but for the number of references offered as well as the service both delivery and information to our customers, having all the offer on the corporate website with all the necessary information for the sale and advice of our customers.

Jerez de la Frontera Warehouse

It has a surface area of 24,000 m2 with a height of 17 metres and is fully palletised and organised with automated order picking elements.